Year of Care has developed resources to support practices to continue to offer remote care and support planning to their population specifically during the coronavirus outbreak


Care and support planning during the coronavirus crisis

A summary produced by two GP experts suggesting which groups of patients you may wish to prioritise. This also includes an overview of how you might adapt the care and support planning process during the current crisis.

Care and support planning using the telephone

Research has demonstrated that telephone consultations may be more directive than face to face visits. This short guide makes some suggestions as to how to modify the process to include preparation and also shares some top tips on consultation skills during these reviews. 

Preparing for your care and support planning telephone review

A new resource to support patients to think through what they would like to discuss during their care and support planning remote consultation. Specifically including coronavirus topics such as what do to if you become unwell, linking in advanced care planning.

Places to go for reliable online information

A short list of reputable websites and web links covering topics that may be affecting people as they try to stay well at home. Please add local information where relevant.