Success depends on getting all the elements of the house in place to support clinical teams to deliver care and support planning. This is usually coordinated by a steering group.

We have developed a systematic approach to training that is effective at introducing and embedding care and support planning. We usually follow the process outlined in the Information and Guidance about National Care Planning training. This includes the following:

Step 1 - Making a decision to work with Year of Care Partnerships

  • Expressions of interest to Year of Care Partnerships
  • Discussion about your requirements and what our team can offer
  • Preparatory questions (available here) for your organisation ahead of initial meeting
  • First meeting with our team 
  • Agreement to proceed with the care and support planning programme 
  • Practices recruited for preparing for care and support planning session

Step 2 – Gaining interest and engaging practice teams

  • Delivery of a two hour 'preparing for care and support planning' taster session to recruit first wave of practices

Step 3 - Organising the delivery of first wave of care and support planning training

  • Practices confirmed for care and support planning training, including the presence of potential trainers

Step 4 - Delivery of care and support planning training

  • National training team deliver a one day and follow up half day training session to local practice teams 

Step 5 - Training local trainers (only for those organisations who choose to train local trainers)

  • Recruiting and training local trainers - for train the trainers only
  • Formal ‘recruitment’ of trainers that have been identified throughout the process
  • Trainers attend train the trainers course
  • Trainers peer reviewed delivering co-deliver care planning training
  • Trainers quality assured delivering care planning training