Reports and summaries

Theory and the Real World – What happens in Practice: Introducing a complex intervention into a complex environment: ten challenges and dilemmas from the YOC Programme This brief review from the Year of Care Stakeholder Reviewer is also summarised as Chapter 17 of Year of Care: Report of findings from the pilot programme. It describes some of the real challenges of introducing complex change within a complex organisation like the NHS. It should prove of interest to policy makers, service and project managers and innovation leaders.

‘The Year of Care’: 2011 A 2-page overview including achievements of the programme, benefits and lessons for wider implementation 

Year of care: 2011 A 4-page summary of key information including details of the Year of Care approach to care planning and the house model

The Year of Care Programme: Commissioning for Diabetes and other Long-Term Conditions: 2011. This two-page summary outlines the Year of Care long term conditions commissioning model with examples of increased productivity 


Internal documents commissioned for use by Year of Care Pilot Programme

Year of Care: Evaluation Policy Statement: July 2009


Reports from Tribal Consulting (now Capita)

Evaluating Pilot Sites as they Prepare for Year of Care: 2008

Year of Care: Calderdale and Kirklees Case Study: September 2009 

Year of Care: North of Tyne Case Study: September 2009

Year of Care: Tower Hamlets Case Study: September 2009

Evaluating the delivery and Impact of the Year of Care for diabetes Project: Interim report: November 2009


Reports from Annual Stakeholder Interviews

Wave 1: Stakeholder views on phase 1 of the Year of Care programme and its local and national achievements to date: February 2009

Wave 2: Views and decisions for consideration by Year of Care programme board: Wave 2 interviews with key stakeholders: January 2010 

Wave 3: Year of care: Reflections on introducing a complex intervention into a complex environment February 2011 


This page provides direct access to many of the supporting references referred to in the Year of Care Report of Findings from the Pilot Programme - June 2011


User perspectives and healthcare system design


Supporting self-management


Assessment tools/evaluation