Year of Care training has been developed over 15 years by our clinical team who are nationally recognised experts in the area of personalised care and support planning, support for self-management and shared decision making. 

It is the only quality assured national training programme that will support organisations and individuals to deliver the extensive benefits of the Year of Care programme. We have delivered our training to over 60 areas across the UK and internationally. 

Year of Care training and support is carefully crafted to engage individual participants in the ethos and philosophical approach which is fundamental to personalised care, alongside the practical conversation skills and organisational changes to implement personalised care and support planning in practice. 

Training emphasises how personalised care and support planning can be systematically integrated into routine care delivery enabling a partnership approach between patients and practitioners.

Year of Care training was central to the implementation of Scotland’s House of Care programme, sponsored by Scottish Government, and is accredited by the Personalised Care Institute (PCI)

Year of Care Partnerships® was asked by the PCI to deliver a personalised care and support planning masterclass in 2021 - a recording is available on the PCI website at this link. This may be a useful watch for those who would like to preview an introductory Year of Care session.

Year of Care would be happy to work with you to deliver a training and support package tailored to the requirements of your organisation. 

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